The Future of Home: How Smart Technology Will Reshape Our Home?

Smart home automation has become an integral part of the lifestyle. While there is always scope for improvement, the future seems optimistic with machine learning and voice control leading to powerful artificial intelligence.

The latest developments in technology have made lots of improvements to wireless automation. The day-to-day busy schedule of people has led them to adapt to the new normal of Smart Homes. People now and shortly will be dependent on automation to make their lives flexible and load-free.

Smart Lightings: With the use of IoT-enabled sensors, adapters, and lights, A user can manage the lighting system with the use of a Smart device. Smart lightings can be WIFI enabled and be managed individually by a smartphone or a smart Assistant. The smart lighting system can be controlled through an external device and can be scheduled to operate. Switching On and Off the light can be done with just a Tap on the smart device. Not just this but also changing the color and dimness of the light can also be done. Smart Lighting also enables the users to control the lights remotely when away from home.

Home Security: The smart devices such as Smart doors, locks, video doorbell, security cameras, and Motion sensors enables the users with home safety. A video doorbell lets the user see, listen and speak to the guests present at the door. Smart locks enable locking and unlocking easy with a smart device also providing revokable access to domestic help, babysitters, etc. All the smart home security devices can be controlled and operated even Remotely. This gives the user relief by having a look at the Home even when Not Around.

Smart Bathrooms: The New normal for smart Homes will consist of smart Bathrooms, where the bathroom lights, geysers, taps, and Showers can be integrated with IoT and Controlled by a Voice assistant. Switching on and Off of tap Water, Lights, Geysers, and Showers and Setting the Right temperature every time can be easily done with the use of voice assistants.

Smart Kitchens: With the Use of IoT-based Technology Kitchen Appliances such as Refrigerators, coffee machines, Micro Oven, chimneys, dishwashers, etc., Can be integrated with the smart device and can be controlled using smartphones with just a couple of clicks. This can be monitored and controlled remotely with the use of the Internet. Switching off the Appliances when not in use and scheduler helps in managing the appliance as well reduces the Electricity charges.

Smart Living Rooms: IoT-enabled Smart Automation has changed the way of How a living room looks like. be it Controlling the room temperature, lighting, Curtains, television, or windows anything can be smartly controlled with the use of a smart device. All this such as Setting the AC temperature or drawing the Curtains, Switching on Lights, Turning Off the Televisions everything will be done with just a click on the smartphone or a voice command. A user can remotely monitor the living room from any place.

Voice Controlled: Smart device integration with voice control devices like google home and Alexa has taken smart home automation to a different level. Any smart device integrated can be controlled with just the voice commands. Users can just stay relaxed and command and control all the devices connected to it.

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