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Insta Automations is a leading home automation company in bangalore and specializing in the integration of home automation system and providing smart home solutions & services for home.

Voice Control

Smart Lighting

Door Control

Curtain Control

IR Devices Control

Temperature Control

Empower Your Smart Home Automation in Bangalore with Insta Automations: Crafting Your Intelligent Home

Explore Insta Automations Smart Home – Premier Home Automation Hub in Bangalore!

Immerse yourself in the forefront of home automation and intelligent living with Insta Automations, the foremost Smart Home Automation Company in Bangalore.

Personalized Solutions for a Smart and Secure Home Environment

Explore our newest selection of products crafted to elevate the functionality, safety, and convenience of your living space. Insta Automations recognizes the distinctiveness of every home, providing tailored solutions to cater to your requirements—whether it’s simple home lighting automation or a complete smart home configuration.

Effortless Integration: Harmony with Leading Home Automation Platforms

Our products effortlessly connect with various home automation platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. This allows you to build a personalized smart environment that aligns with your lifestyle preferences.

Illuminate Your Space: Discover the World of Smart Lighting and Switches in Bangalore

Explore cutting-edge home technology at Insta Automations, featuring smart lighting, switches, and seamless control of air conditioning and window shades for a modern living experience.

Leading Home Automation Company in Bangalore

As one of the leading home automation companies in Bangalore, Insta Automations is committed to delivering unparalleled customer service and 24/7 technical support, ensuring a seamless smart home experience.

Transforming Homes with Insta Automations Smart Technology

Step into the realm of intelligent living with Insta Automations Smart Homes in Bangalore. Say goodbye to cumbersome rewiring challenges as we guide you toward unleashing the complete potential of your home automation journey.

Reach Out Now to Elevate Your Home with Insta Automations!

Best Home Automation in Bangalore | Customized Home Automations
Services in Bangalore

Top Home Automation Company in Bangalore. Imagine a life where you do not have to worry about forgetting to switch off a gadget at home! Even if you are miles away on a family vacation or business, having full control of your house including all its appliances and gadgets can save your life as well as your assets more than once. With a wireless home automation System, you do not have to worry or sweat about not being able to take care of your house when you are away. With the rapid advancements in technology and by the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), no part of your life is left untouched. 

This immense level of home automation is now more than just a scene out of a science movie. It is a reality! Therefore, if you wish to progress with the progressing world, picture a smart home Automation that is thoroughly automated and can be controlled, even if you are in another country or the opposite part of the world.

Effortless Control at Your Fingertips: Manage Everything with a Tap, Voice Command, or Seamless Automation.

Experience the future of home living with our advanced automation system. From monitoring to complete control, enhance your home’s comfort, safety, and convenience with ease. It is also a great way to save energy and those never-ending electricity bills. Smart Home Automation in Bangalore.

person using smartphone his automated home
Bringing Your Vision to Life: Custom Home Automation Services.
  1. Voice Control

    Now add value to your house and change the way you live by controlling appliances with voice commands.

  2. Smart Lighting 

    Elevate Your Space with Smart Lighting: Experience Luxury and Efficiency in Every Glow. Set the perfect ambiance with demand-responsive illumination and customizable brightness, all effortlessly controlled and scheduled.

  3. Curtain Control 

    Curtain control can come in handy when you wish to add some privacy to your room without getting up from the comfort of your bed. Therefore, automating the process of drawing your curtains can make your life significantly more convenient.

  4. Temperature Control 

    Desire a Comfortable Haven when Returning from Work? Want the house to be just the right temperature when you’re back from a busy day?

  5. Door Control 

    Our Door Control Services Offer Effortless Convenience: Seamlessly manage the opening and closing of doors with simplicity and ease, catering to those seeking a hassle-free experience.

  6. IR Device Control 

    We also help customers with IR remote controls that are designed to control all your home appliances with a single App

Benefits & Features of Smart Home Automation

The living place is safe, secure, and convenient. A living place that reflects your lifestyle.


Give your home a brain. One shot scenario, One touch and everything changes.
A single command can be used to activate a series of fully customized functions according to the need.

good morning mode

Good morning Mode

Open curtains to bring in morning sunlight with soothing music

Fimly with Home thether

Theater Mode

Watch your favorite sport, tv shows setting up right mood with dim lights and curtains closed.

Party Glasses

Party Mode

set right mood with perfect music and groove.

Exit mode

Exit Mode

Lighting deactivation, curtains closed and Alarm activation.

Relax mode

Relax Mode

Unwind to Subdued Lighting and Calming Melodies

Night Mode

Good night Mode

Draw the curtains, lower the lights, and achieve the perfect temperature, all tailored to your comfort.

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