Connected Home

Set up your high performance Connect with Home Networking Solutions with the latest in residential technology: HDTV, media servers, Gigabit networking, Wi-Fi, and broadband Internet

With Insta Automations, now you can easily set up a high-performance home networking solutions that is well connected with all the latest and novel residential technology such as media servers, HDTV, Wi-Fi, Gigabit networking as well as broadband internet. For all kinds of residential projects, the Insta Connected Home goes on to offer an unparalleled and unique selection of networking, structured wiring, telephone, audio, and video solutions. We, at Insta Automations, are committed to excellence and so, we provide all our customers with customized, modular and an innovative home in addition to office automation solutions. We believe in giving all our customers a unique and exceptional digital home experience. We do this by capitalizing on predictive analysis, cloud and other relevant technologies and exploiting them to the best of our advantage to serve our customers.

Connected home networking solutions are a good idea and allow us to help all our customers by keeping the equipment and appliances in their residence under control. We meet the ever-growing demand for home automation and connected homes with unique and versatile solutions to help customers get value for money. Our sensor and connectivity solutions are designed to help customers stay connected and par with today’s technological world 24/7.

For every residential project Insta Connected Home offers an unparalleled selection of structured wiring, networking, audio, video, and telephone solutions.


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